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Dybtgående Creation Valley 9781490845357

Dybtgående Creation Valley 9781490845357

Produktkode: 9781490845357
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Creation Valley is home to a very special and lovable group of dinosaurs, created by Creator God and placed in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and all the good and amazing things Creator God created. Judah Stegosaurus knows that all Creator God made truly is good except when it comes to himself. He doesnt feel like he fits in with the other dinosaurs, and he wants to know why he is so different. He finds out he is different indeed but not in the way he thinks. He is different in that he is the one-of-a-kind, unique creation of Creator God and that makes him special.www.creationvalley.com

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  • 9781490845357
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  • 10. september 2014

Dybtgående Creation Valley 9781490845357