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Jeg kan ikke lægge det ned Hunt For Ned October Illustrated & Novel 9780982168745

Jeg kan ikke lægge det ned Hunt For Ned October Illustrated & Novel 9780982168745

Produktkode: 9780982168745
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Little six year old Billy Smith had become depressed and sad when he had to move from his old neighborhood to another side of town. To make him happy his mother had offered to buy him a Halloween costume at Boyagian's pet and toyshop. But Billy didn't want a Halloween costume. Instead, he bought a little, green turtle for a pet and called him Ned October. They soon became best of friends until Ned was accidently flushed down the toilet to the sewers below. Once Ned October was discovered missing, Billy began his quest to find his lost little friend, while Ned began a long journey trying to find his way back home. However, both Billy and Ned were unaware that two Russian spies were also looking for Billy's pet turtle. Just before Billy had purchased his turtle, and just before the two Russian spies had been arrested in Mr. Boyagian's pet and toy shop, the two spies had injected a turtle with a computer micro chip that contained the United States nuclear, biological and chemical technology for their missile and weapon programs. Because of a lack of evidence the government agents had to free the two Russian spies and allow them to flee without any interference from the U.S. federal government. Now the two spies were able to search for their precious cargo, which started them on their journey and the hunt for Ned October. While Ned confronted and overcame many obstacles during his long journey to find his home and best friend, Billy Smith, Billy also went through many trials and tribulations in his hunt for his pet turtle, Ned October. All the while the two Russian spies were following Billy hoping that he would lead them to the turtle that carried their precious micro chip inside its body. But does Ned make it home before winter takes its toll on him-and does Billy find Ned before it's too late-or does the two Russian spies get to Ned before Billy? You will have to read on to find out what happens in: The Hunt for Ned October.

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  • Engelsk
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  • 9780982168745
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  • Udgivet:
  • 11. november 2014

Jeg kan ikke lægge det ned Hunt For Ned October Illustrated & Novel 9780982168745