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Klar koncept Pimping 2 Da Core 9780996182027

Klar koncept Pimping 2 Da Core 9780996182027

Produktkode: 9780996182027
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Words can build you up and also tear you down. I target the truth and expose the core of reality. You may never do the things I have done, but my goal is to educate many people about real life events and circumstances that occur in everyday life. I breathe pain. Physically and mentally incapable of defending myself at the age of 7; I was forced into fear. Some figure we all have a story to tell, but mine has an insight beyond just a story. Being a leader/alpha male in this game consists of you going against the grain and rebelling against other people's traditional beliefs. Making a difference for the better can cause a ripple effect that can encourage adults and youth to maintain healthy lives as they continue to grow in unity. Use this book. It's here to guide and keep you from making the same mistakes that I did.

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  • 9780996182027
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  • 28. marts 2015

Klar koncept Pimping 2 Da Core 9780996182027