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uhøjtidelig Adventures of Goldy the Mouse 9781490803760

uhøjtidelig Adventures of Goldy the Mouse 9781490803760

Produktkode: 9781490803760
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The story is about a mouse who lives outside the childhood home of Mary, the Blessed Mother. She keeps herself concealed from Mary and her parents and everyone else. She loves Mary so much she goes through risky antics just to stay close to her. She attends the wedding of Mary and Joseph, witnesses the visit from Gabriel the Archangel (the Annunciation), and travels to Bethlehemall while remaining undetected. She listens very carefully to all the conversation between the innkeeper and Joseph. They all enter the stable full of animals, where Goldy makes new friends. She finds the loft where doves livea very good place to sleep and observe everything. In the middle of the night, when all is still, she awakes to the sound of angels singing and sees Mary holding Jesus in her arms. The story at this time goes to the shepherds, who experience the visit of angels singing glory to God in the highest and announcing the birth of Jesus, prompting them to go and visit. The story then takes you to the three wise men, who come bringing gifts. Goldy is nearly overwhelmed with love and awe. The story ends when the wise men depart.

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  • 9781490803760
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  • 16. august 2013

uhøjtidelig Adventures of Goldy the Mouse 9781490803760